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What it does: The AND() checks if all conditions that you list are TRUE.

Plain English: The AND() formula is often used in conjunction with IF() statements. The AND statement allows you test whether two or more criteria are TRUE, not just one.

Say you’re building a fantasy football team full of offensive players. If you want to check whether or not a receiver’s touchdowns average more than 1 per game AND they’ve played at least 3 seasons in the league, you could use the AND() formula along with your data to test this.

Arguments: AND(TEST1, TEST2, etc..)

  • TEST 1 – The first thing you want to test, i.e. Average touchdowns per game greater than 1? TRUE
  • TEST 2 –  The second thing you want to test, i.e. Seasons greater than 3? TRUE

NOTE: If any condition within the AND() statement equates to FALSE, the entire statement will equate to FALSE.

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