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What it does: The CONCATENATE() Function combines two or more strings together.

Plain English: This is one of the simplest formulas to understand even if you’re new to Excel. All this does is combine two or more strings. Let’s say you had a list of employee names you were organizing. However, the first name and last names are different columns. Using the concatenate formula, you could concatenate the two names together so they’re in one cell.

Arguments: CONCATENATE(String 1, String 2, etc..)

  • String 1 – The first string you want to concatenate, i.e. “John”
  • String 2 – The second string you want to concatenate, i.e. “Doe”

RESULT = “JohnDoe”

NOTE: Notice that there is no space in between John and Doe. That is because the formula literally combines the two strings as they are entered. To fix, we can add a third string that is simply a space. See below:

=Concatenate(“John”,” “,”Doe”) = John Doe