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Merging cells in Excel is easy. 99% of the time this is done for formatting improvements. Below we’ll learn how to merge cells and how to spruce up our data table a bit to make it pop.

Let’s take a look at table below:

merge cells in excel

The table details the sales in September for a variety of cities. Merging the three cells above the table will help the title stand out a bit more.

Step 1: Select the cells you want to merge

merge cells in excel

In our example, we’ve selected the cell containing the text “September Sales” as well as the other two cells above the table. (Note: Merging cells will only keep the text/data that is in the upper left most cell you want to merge)

Step 2: Select Merge & Center from the home page.

merge cells in excel

You’re done. Let’s look at the finished product:

merge cells in excel

It’s looking a lot better. Before we finish formatting our table with some final tweaks, you should know there’s a very easy to use keyboard shortcut to access the same home page drop-down button. The video below from our Instagram channel demonstrates that shortcut (ALT+H+M+C)

Step 3: Spruce up your table to make it stand out against the standard Excel background.

While our table does look better with the title merged above, let’s remove the gridlines behind it.

merge cells in excel

In the “View” tab, click “Gridlines” to remove them from being shown on this tab.

merge cells in Excel

Better. Let’s add a border around each cell and bold the title.

  • To bold the title, click CTRL+B while selecting it.
  • To add borders, select “All Borders” from the homepage dropdown menu:

merge cells in excel

Final Result:

merge cells in excel

MUCH better. Sometimes the smallest tweaks can make a big difference.

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