Purpose of the Feature: Remove Duplicates is a feature in Excel that can removes duplicate values from a set of data, often very useful when creating index tables, cleaning data, and matching up disparate data sets.

Final Result: A list of cells with all of the duplicates removed.


Below we have a list of videos, their categories, and views for this period. (There are 100+ videos in our data set and the pictures only shows a fraction of our data). We know we a wide variety of categories across the set, but how many unique categories do we have? 

We can find out using REMOVE DUPLICATES

remove duplicates

To do this, select the category column and paste it into it’s own column to move it away from the original data set.

Select “OK” and Excel will remove all of the duplicates in that column

It turns out we had only 7 unique categories across all of our videos.

remove duplicates

Knowing we now have the final list of UNIQUE values, we can perform further analysis on the categories.

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