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Paste Formulas

Another way that you can autofill a formula across multiple cells is to Paste Formulas.


Here we have a projected amount of sales of $5,000 per day along with the actual total sales for that day. We want to know the difference. Here are the steps:

  • Copy cell G2
  • Select G3:G20
  • Right click
  • Paste Special
  • Paste Formulas


We now have the total difference between the two cells for each day. Some days, we didn’t hit our mark, while some days we did. Let’s clean up the formatting to make this easier to read.


To do this, select all cells in the column,

  • Format Cells
  • Currency
  • Two decimal points
  • Show negative numbers in red with parentheses

Every negative value is in parentheses and represents a day when we did not meet our expected goal.