Pivot Table Tutorial with Larger Data Set

In this tutorial we discuss creating a pivot table for a data set containing 3,000 rows. We cover which values should go in the values, columns, rows, and filter boxes, how to format your pivot table, and some ways to spice up your visualizations.

RANDBETWEEN – Excel Function

What it does: The RANDBETWEEN() Function generates a random number between two integers.

Plain English: Rather than generating a random number between 0 and 1, RANDBETWEEN() generates an integer between a given range of integers that you provide. For example, you may want to pick 6 random lottery numbers between 1 and 35. This formula could help generate those.

Arguments: RANDBETWEEN(lower number, higher number)

  • Lower number – the lowest integer possible you want to generate
  • Higher number – the highest integer possible you want to generate

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