How to Join Microsoft Office Insider

By joining Microsoft Office Insider, you have the opportunity to get exclusive access to new features (like the new XLOOKUP function) in addition to the ability to send feedback directly to Microsoft.

Navigate to File -> Account and click on the “Office Insider” button located on this panel. Follow the prompts from there and you’re in!

Microsoft Office insider

Once you’ve joined you’ll be prompted to download new updates and features when available.

XLOOKUP – Excel Function

What it does: The XLOOKUP() Function allows you to look up and return values in corresponding columns or rows (!!). I have an exclamation point there because in many ways this function could eliminate most of the need for Vlookup, Hlookup, and the Index/Match combination when used for that purpose.

Arguments: XLOOKUP(lookup_value, lookup_array, return_array, [match_mode], [search_mode])

Learn how to use VLOOKUP Function

Vlookup is a very useful function for looking up data from a table, comparing two lists, matching data sets, and much more! Learn how to use it in the video below!